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I've always been a huge fan of's "Explainer" Series.
Its purpose is simple: To answer (sometimes unasked) questions about
various issues that come up in the news or everyday life. These
questions run the gamut from basic trivia questions ("When Did
Prisoners Start Dressing In Orange"), to the taboo or obscene ("What
would happen if you snorted cremated remains", "Are Both Father And
[Adult] Daughter Culpable In Cases Of Incest?") questions you've
probably never allowed yourself to consider.
Of course, The
Vast Archive Containing Hundreds Upon Hundreds Of These Questions

is available for your perusal (and I encourage you to do so), but just
in case you don't feel like spending all that time, I've compiled a
list of 30 of the best ones here (without permission, naturally).
And if you think linking to a bunch of articles I didn't have anything
to do with is just a cheap way of getting out of having to write
anything: Congratulations, you are right. Welcome to the internet.


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My Penis Was Cut Off
& Flushed Down A Toilet, Can It Still Be Reattached?


Can Women With Breast
Implants Still Breastfeed?

How Does Do-It-Yourself
Suicide Work?

What Would Happen If You
Snorted The Ashes Of A Cremated Relative?


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How Much Does It Cost To
Hire A Hitman?

Do Penis Pumps Really

Can You Survive In Space
Without A Spacesuit?

Who Do They Use To Fill
Police Lineups?

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Why Do Auctioneers Talk
Like That?

How Long Does It Take To
Dissolve A Human Body?

Do Amnesiacs Realize They
Have Amnesia?

Why Do Hitman Drop Their
Guns At The Scene Of A Crime?

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I've Had A Painful
Erection For 4 Hours, What Should I Do?

If You're Forced To
Convert To Islam At Gunpoint, Does It Count?

Why Don't Soldiers Wear
Bulletproof Facemasks?

Can You Actually Drink
Your Own Urine?


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Does The Law Treat
Retarded People Differently Than Insane People?

Can Someone Under House
Arrest Host A Dinner Party?


Do Spies And Assassins
Really Wear Fake Beards?

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Does Stress Really Cause
Hair Loss?

Where Does The Phrase
"Balls To The Wall" Come From?

Does The US Government
Have A Plan If Aliens Attack?

Why Do Poodles Have Such
Stupid Haircuts?

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Can A Person Be Killed By
A Large Piece of Hail

What Is The Healthcare
System Like In Prison?

Why Don't We Abolish The
Electoral College?

Are Amish People Allowed
To Use Medical Evacuation Helicopters?

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The Ku Klux Klan Is
Christian; Why Do They Burn Crosses?

Why Do You See A White
Light Before You Die?

What Should I Do If My
Eyeball Pops Out Of Its Socket?


So hey: If you thought these were even slightly cool, be sure to check
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