5 Sex Tips For Women Who Have Sex With Men

5 Sex Tips For Women Who Have Sex
If there's one thing I've learned from inadvertently catching a glimpse of the cover stories of various women's magazines while waiting for dental appointments, it's this: When it comes to sex, men are extremely difficult to please. Don't be discouraged if this sounds preposterous to you. Most revolutionary ideas seem this way at first, due to our brain's inability to properly process brand-new, mindblowingly radical concepts.

Take, for example, actor Paul Sorvino's reaction to one of his most popular films, Goodfellas. Upon attending the premier, he was shocked and unsettled by the film, and claimed to have regretted appearing in it. But with the passage of time, he came to recognize that the confusing feeling he had experienced in that theater was not hatred or disgust, but his mind being blown, and he later would later theorize that the film was so good that it had left him "in a state of shock."

So all I ask is that you think of this article as the "Goodfellas" of internet sex guides. The first time you read it, you might think your brain is saying, "This nothing but an unfocused collection of underdeveloped  ideas masquerading as a list of sex tips for women and I hope the person who wrote it dies of burns", when what you're actually thinking is "while my own intellectual failings have made it all but impossible for me to comprehend these brilliant and revolutionary sex tips, but at least I can still appreciate that the author has written about sex, because hey: Sex."

Web Detritus: Issue #150

Horsey!Below you will find some items of note* I found on the internet recently**. Feel free to look through them if you have a couple minutes. There's a good chance you probably might not regret it. This issues topics include:

How To Get Fired From McDonalds, Buying A Stolen Credit Card, The Spectacular Assholery Of Online Games, Why You Can Tell A Cop To Fuck Off, Gladiatorial Contests Held By Mexican Druglords, My Little Ponies, Marijuana As A Cure For Cancer, and [Many Of The] The Possible Ends Of The World Explained By Science.

Web Detritus: Issue #149

Tiny ArmsYou know those aggregation sites like Reddit which act as a filter for the internet by allowing people to vote on the best links or articles?

Well, this series is sort of like that, except without the voting, or the usefulness, or the part about how the things you find are interesting and useful. It also isn't updated nearly as often, and it the site it's on is sort of cheap because I don't really know anything about web design.
But other than all that stuff, I'd say they're pretty much identical.

20 Images So Fantastic They Probably Could've Cured Polio Before Jonas Salk Did If They'd Been Around Back Then

Fried Chicken Bath
It's 7AM and I haven't gone to bed yet, so to save time, I think I'm just going to paste a user-submitted plot summary of the film Under Siege 2: Dark Territory instead of writing an actual intro:

Casey Ryback is traveling with his niece on a train, which is hijacked by terrorists. The terrorists need a moving headquarters, so they can take over a satellite capable of vaporizing anything in its path. The government can't stop them from destroying Washington and also rupturing a nuclear reactor, killing millions. Casey Ryback uses his Navy-Seal training to take out all of the terrorists in an action-packed ride.

But enough of that. Here are some pictures of things.

Web Detritus: Issue #148

Obama Gay KissHello, and welcome to a very special "Flagrant Overuse Of Thesaurus" Edition of Web Detritus. For those who cannot divine this article's purpose due to it's gratuitously cryptic title, allow me to elucidate: What follows is a haphazard compendium of provocative and amusing links which I have chosen to dispense to The Infobahn* at fixed intervals.

This issue** incorporates the following items: Links, Photos Videos, More. Thank you.

*Don't Ask Me

**Putting the date in the title of every article in this series was starting to annoy me. So from now on, each one will simply be an "issue". That way, I only have to type a number instead of a whole date. Also I don't have to look the date up, or make sure it's correct. Oh and one last thing: As you can probably see from the title up there, I didn't want to start at #1, so I kind of just picked a random number that sounded official. Hope that's alright with you.