Web Detritus (Week of 04.03.11)

collection of worthwhile links, the best infographics, photo
galleries, and whatever else of note I come across while wandering the
This week: Ridiculous Job Interview Questions, Which Languages Are
Hardest To Learn, The Most Sinful Cities In
America,&nbsp A Bunch Of Awesome Art, What Your
State Sucks At, Confessions Of A [Formerly] Angry Black Man, And More,
And More, And More, And More (Read: This One Is Long).

Web Detritus (Week of 03.27.11)

Kid Swing Wall RunA weekly
collection of cool stories, useful links, non-shitty
infographics, photo galleries, and a bunch more stuff.

This week: The Regrets Of The Typical American, Unbelievable Modern War
Crimes, Top 100 April Fool's Pranks Throughout History, Homemade Drug
Smuggling Submarines, How Farmville And MMOs Destroy Your Mind, More
Cool Radiation Info, The Secrets Behind Daily Deal Sites, and Some
Fairly Cool Retro Back To The Future Posters.

10 Overly-Specific Annoyances That Anger Me Far More Than They Should

Overly Specific Annoyances - No Annoying Noises Sign

A lot of people will tell you that to be successful as a writer, that
you should always "Write What You Know." Depending on which writers you
talk to, this idea is either lifechangingly brilliant, or pure,
unadulterated, greeting card bullshit. I guess I'd say I stand
somewhere in the middle.
I will admit that in the beginning, I tried to "write what I knew", but
it didn't take me long to realize that I didn't know much about
anything anyone cared about. No worries though; I just decided to
modify the phrasing slightly so it would apply to me, and then used
that as my writing mantra.

So: "Write What You Know" became "Write a few worthwhile paragraphs on
a random topic like before becoming bored and simply cluttering-up the
remainder of the article with irrelevant rants, tiring nonsequitors,
and run on sentences so long that a lot of the time upon reaching the
end you'll be lost entirely and yet too indifferent to care".
All-in-all, I'd say things worked out pretty well so far. Oh, and also,
on a semi-related related note: Below this intro you'll find an article
in which I good-naturedly complain about oddly specific things which
annoy me.

If you could find the time to look through it for me, I'd really be
much obliged.

Web Detritus (Week of 03.20.11)

Glamor BoyA careless
collection of odd links, fascinating photo galleries,
infographiky infographics, upsetting videos, and a bunch of other stuff
I couldn't fit in anywhere else.
This week: Despair-Inducing Advertisements, Electron Microscope
Madness, The Battle Of Coal vs Oil vs Nuclear, A Visual History Of
Humanity, Radiation Education, The (Deliberately) Hidden Dangers Of
Zicam, Hidden Messages In Corporate Logos, and A Bunch Of Pop Stars Who
Are Really Sort Of Assholes.

20 More Signs Featuring Stick Figures In Peril

Stick Figures In Peril: Part 3 - Choke

Okay, look: I realize I've already milked Two
photo galleries out Stick Figure Warning Signs Which Are Occasionally
Difficult To Understand. I realize that. But times are tough, you
know? What can I say. I found a bunch more pictures of messed-up street
signs I liked, so I figured, hey: Why not organize them into gallery
format and display them on the internet?

So I did, and here they are.

Web Detritus (Week of 03.13.11)

Hairy GirlA
collection of fascinating links, strange videos, infographics,
longform journalistic pieces, and whatever else of note I've managed to
discover on the internet over the past seven days.
This week: How Radiation Poisoning Actually Works, How To Land A
Pilotless Plane, The Neon Horror Of The Early 90s, A Story Of
Self-Appendix Removal, The Most Confusing Movies Ever, How To Find The
Safest Dietary Supplements, And A Lesson In Airline Armrest Etiquette.

Christian Videogame Review: Bulletstorm

Christian Review: Bulletstorm

LucasLike many
of my fellow Brothers In Christ, I was shocked, saddened, and outraged
when I heard that the US Government was going to allow the new
megaviolent animated videogame Bulletstorm to be released. This comes
even after Child Advocate and Actual Medical Doctor Carole Lieberman
(in an interview on Fox News) proved conclusively that violent
videogames cause rape by claiming that they did.
When pressed for "evidence" to back up her claims, she was unable to
produce even a single shred. This of course led to cries of
"irresponsible journalism" and "fear-mongering" amongst pro-rape
advocates in the gaming industry, but the more educated among us know that those who constantly
clamor for reputable scientific studies to back up what appear to be
unsubstantiated and outrageous claims are missing the point: Violent
videogames exist, and until they are successfully banned, our children
will continue commit acts of violence, torture, embezzlement, and
premarital sexual assault.
But what of Bulletstorm specifically? Is this game truly as
reprehensible as so many have claimed? The answer, of course, is a
wholehearted and undeniable "yes."

Web Detritus (Week of 03.06.11)

Weird News BowA weekly
collection of useful links, infographics, longform articles, videos,
and whatever else I happen to come across.

This week and this week only: The Art Of Selling Out, The Death Of The CD, Childishly
Filthy Movie Quotes, Nicholas Cage, Apples vs Oranges, Eiffel 65, How
Your Insurer Screws You, A 30 Year False Imprisonment, and Nonsensical
Fortune Cookies.

20 Peculiar Images For Which I Have No Explanation

Random Photos - Old Woman Smoking Monkey

I find a lot of weird and insane photos from various places online that
I find myself unable (for whatever reason) to fit into an article.
These are normally just stored away on my harddrive until being
deleted, but I can't help but feel that this is a terrible waste.

So rather than run the risk of allowing these pictures (pointless and
irrelevant as they may be) to be forever lost in the ether of
cyberspace, I have decided to post them here, where they could
hypothetically be viewed by all who wish to enjoy them.

What can I say, I"m big into philanthropy.