20 Costumed Humans Upon Whom I Am Not Passing Judgement

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Having recently experienced a Spiritual Awakening, I have found it
increasingly unnecessary for me to judge other human beings based
solely upon their appearance. How many years have I wasted making cruel
observations about others? Statements such as "Nice leopard-print
Zubaz", "What kind of a jackass wears a fedora?", or even "That young
woman should abstain from wearing spandex leggings due to the fact that
they cause her large, pendulous buttcheeks to resemble two trash bags
full of cottage cheese" had begun to characterize my life.
But no longer. Having learned the folly of my ways, I am filled with
love for all creatures in the universe, I have realized the folly of my
judgmental ways. Now I know that it is enough for a person to simply
exist. Whether they be clothed in semen stained jorts, an ill-fitting
Dragon Tales costume, or a hat which simply says the F-Word, there is
nothing more beautiful than a living, breathing, human being.

So without further ado: Here are twenty photographs of people who
happened to be photographed wearing costumes.

Web Detritus (Week of 01.23.11)

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compilation of cool links, infographics, useful articles, and
plenty of other strange and wonderful things I found on the internet
this week.

In this episode: The Worst Commutes In The World, Death By New Car
Smell, Loose Women Causing Natural Disasters, Things You Should Do
Before Burning Down Your House,  The Least Evil Banks, and A
Fucking Map Charting Swearing On Twitter.

7 Substances With Which You Could Theoretically Poison A Coworker Who Has Been Stealing Your Food

If you work in an office with a communal refrigerator, there's a good chance that you (or someone you love) has been a victim of Lunch Theft. Those afflicted with Lunch Theft are often left feeling angry, depressed, hopeless, and even--somewhat bewilderingly--sexually aroused. But it is important for victims of Lunch Theft to remember that they are not alone. In fact, it is estimated by the Federated Association of The National Council of Meat that sixteen out of ever hundred office lunches is eaten (without permission) by someone other than the rightful owner of the lunch.


Web Detritus (Week of 01.16.11)

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collection of cool links, interesting infographics, awful videos, and
plenty of other stuff.

This time around: Why Horoscopes Are Bullshit, Reformed White
Supremacists, Gruesome Retro Russian Safety Posters, Terribly Terrible
Inventions, The Public Access Battle Hymn Of Sarah Palin, & Some
Guy Does Freaky Self-Portraits While On Drugs.

5 (More) Shocking & Obscene Things You Won't Believe Are Actually In The Bible

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Whether you believe it in or not, there's really no denying that The
Bible contains some of the most amusingly vulgar material ever
committed to paper.
And while I've probably already covered "The Worst Of The Worst" (e.g.
gang rape, unholy semen spillage, father-daughter incest, etc) in Part
1 Of My Biblical Filth Series
there are still a couple more--let's call them "tawdry"--passages I'd
like to share with people who might not have actually read The
(you know, like most Christians?).
So here are five more crude and/or offensive Bible stories you may not
have heard of.

Web Detritus (Week of 01.09.11)

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collection of awesome links, awesome news stories, awesome
photo galleries, awesome videos, and a ton of other awesome stuff
which is so awesome you will probably soil yourself due to the
awesomeness of it all. Or something.
This week: Ugly Women vs Cute Women, Terrifying Sleep Disorders, Something About Mushrooms, How To Flirt Properly, Moronic Supreme Court Judges, and [One Of] The Reasons Why
You Should Never, Ever, Live In Mississippi. 

The Alphabet Of Swearing

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Recently I performed a search on the internet for "The Alphabet Of
Swearing" in the hopes of finding a list of
curse words beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Much to my surprise, aside from a couple of disappointing "Yahoo
Answers" replies and an article or two from websites even shittier than
this one, I came up emptyhanded.

Needless to say, I could not let this stand. A world in which a thoughtful list of curse-words for each letter of the alphabet did not exist somewhere on the internet was not a world in which I wanted to live.

This left me with two choices: I could either commit suicide, or create and publish the alphabet of swearing myself. So I decided to go with the list.

Web Detritus (Week of 01.02.11)

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collection of fascinating links, cool infographics, amazing articles,
and a whole lot of other neat stuff which happens to currently exist.

This week: Chinese Pringles, A $100 Bill, Shockingly Crooked Cops, The
Joys Of Unemployment, Shamelessly Shameless False Advertising, The
Internet After You're Dead, Generic Dr. Pepper Cans, & Why Texting
Will Destroy The Known Universe.