Web Detritus (Week of 01.02.11)

CaptainA collection of fascinating links, cool infographics, amazing articles, and a whole lot of other neat stuff which happens to currently exist.
This week: Chinese Pringles, A $100 Bill, Shockingly Crooked Cops, The Joys Of Unemployment, Shamelessly Shameless False Advertising, The Internet After You're Dead, Generic Dr. Pepper Cans, & Why Texting Will Destroy The Known Universe.

Corrupted Nostalgia: 8 Reasons Captain Planet Is The Lamest Superhero Ever

Corrupted Nostalgia: 8 Reasons Captain Planet Is The Lamest Superhero Ever
When it comes to awful environmental superheroes, there few lamer than Captain Planet. If you have to ask why this is the case, I can only assume you're not too familiar with Captain Planet, because let me tell you: Dude has got some obvious issues.

But I think my favorite thing about Captain Planet is the ease with which he can ridiculed. For indeed, so lame is he, that one does not even need to actively "make fun" of him or his show, because simply listing various facts about him is enough to send most people into fits of derisive laughter. This makes it extremely easy for a writer as lazy as I am to craft a decent article about him, which I do appreciate a great deal.
So here are just eight (of the oh so many) reasons that Captain Planet is the crappiest, lamest, most utterly worthless "superhero" ever.

20 Photographs Of Things With Which I Have Filled This Article

20 Random Photos I Have Chosen To Fill Space In This Article - Angel Hitting Yourself
Apparently it's supposed to be the beginning of a new year or something, so I figured now is as good a time as any to get rid of all the excess photos I gathered throughout 2010 and never used due to the fact that they were too abstract and/or stupid because seriously how the hell was I ever supposed to fit a picture of a guy chewing on a large board (see below) into an article?

Also, I have no sources for any of these images, so if one of these pictures "belongs" to you and you feel like you want to be credited for it, send me a vaguely threatening email about it and I'll try to sort it out.

But for now: Some pictures of things.

Web Detritus (Week of 12.26.10)

Lost DalmationA haphazard collection of cool links, interesting infographics, upsetting videos, and a whole lot of other random crap from all corners of the internet.
This week: Enraged Children Shouting, The Successful 10 Year Decriminalization of Drugs, How To Debate A Christian, The Best Charities In America, Bad Science In Sci-Fi Movies, Scratch-Off Parking Tickets, and 50 Fascinating (If Useless) Facts You Probably Did Not Know.

FAQ: The Wonderful & Somewhat Pedophilic World Of Manga

FAQ: Everything You've Always Wanted To Know About Manga - Anime Kid
Obviously there are plenty of misconceptions out there about Manga, but this is certainly not uncommon amongst the higher arts. In fact, when Opera first came on the scene in the early 1600s, it faced many the same criticisms that manga currently does: "Oh, I can't understand what is happening," "Why is this so violent?" "Why does every woman have a huge chest?" "Is it entirely necessary to to portray child rape so graphically?" and on and on and on.
What these manga detractors fail to understand is that, like opera, manga is simply ahead of its time. It seems clear to me that those who hate manga are simply too boorish and uncivilized to appreciate such a sophisticated art form.
But enough of this. I've already given these detractors more time than they deserve. Let's get on with the questions!

30 Strange & Fascinating Questions Answered By Someone Other Than Me

30 Strange & Fascinating Questions You Never Knew You Wanted Answered - Tree Underwear
I've always been a huge fan of Slate.com's "Explainer" Series. Its purpose is simple: To answer (sometimes unasked) questions about various issues that come up in the news or everyday life. These questions run the gamut from basic trivia questions ("When Did Prisoners Start Dressing In Orange"), to the taboo or obscene ("What would happen if you snorted cremated remains", "Are Both Father And [Adult] Daughter Culpable In Cases Of Incest?") questions you've probably never allowed yourself to consider.
Of course, The Vast Archive Containing Hundreds Upon Hundreds Of These Questions is available for your perusal (and I encourage you to do so), but just in case you don't feel like spending all that time, I've compiled a list of 30 of the best ones here (without permission, naturally).
And if you think linking to a bunch of articles I didn't have anything to do with is just a cheap way of getting out of having to write anything: Congratulations, you are right. Welcome to the internet.

Web Detritus (Week of 12.19.10)

Meat LockerA hastily-assembled collection of interesting links, cool infographics, top 10 lists, bewildering videos, and much more.
This week: The Non Existence Of A Creator, Hippo Autopsies, Handy Sniper Tips, The Strangely Coherent Wisdom Of Pat Robertson, Misconceptions About Islam, Lying About Church, And Plenty Of Drugs, Drugs, Drugs.

FAQ: How To Be A Hugely Irresponsible Parent

FAQ: How To Be A Hugely Irresponsible Parent - Kids In Cage
Having recently "reconnected" with many former highschool classmates online has led me to make a shocking discovery: Many of them appear to have chosen to have children. While I understand that the occasional "slip-up" can (and most certainly does) occur, the idea that two intelligent adults would conceive a child deliberately is beyond my comprehension.
The only logical explanation I can come up with is that people who have children purposefully must be mentally deranged in some fashion. For truly, what possible reason could a rational human being have for sacrificing eighteen years of freedom, privacy, financial security, and any semblance of a social life for a few fleeting moments of narcissistic parental ecstasy, aside from full-on gibbering madness? I definitely can't think of any.
But hey, I'm not supposed to be discussing the pros and cons of parenting, I'm supposed to be posting a FAQ on how to be a hugely irresponsible one.
So here. Here it is. I hope you're satisfied.

The Christian Guide To Building A Gaming PC

The Christian Guide To Building A Gaming PC Christian Case Mod
Christian Game Review: Fallout New Vegas The Christmas season has arrived once again, and we all know what that means...new gaming PCs! As you may well know, providing free tech support to those in need has always been a favorite pastime of mine, and seeing as my love of electronic devices is second only to my distrust of information published by the secular newsmedia, I figured, heck: What better way to celebrate this season of giving and receiving than by sliding a thick, bulging tube of good old-fashioned PC advice into the gaping orifice of your souls!
Why a Christian guide to computer assembly? It's fairly simple: While there are plenty of humanist PC how-to guides out there, these are little use to those of us who believe that Christ will soon return and rain fiery vengeance down upon all the blasphemers, homosexuals, and non-catholic pedophiles of the world, thus cleansing these hedonistic lands of sin once and for all. We Christians prefer to take advice from those who share our worldview, that way we can ensure we are doing things in the godliest way possible.
So I hope you will join me as I take an overtly religious look at the wonderful world of do-it-yourself personal computering.