Land On The Roof

Bank Roof
You alight daintily on the roof, as if you were queen of the faeries. Crunching through the gravel to the roof hatch, you attempt to open it. Of course it is locked from the inside, a fact which fools who decide it's a good idea to land on the roof of a bank for no apparent reason do not often consider.

You wander around for a while, kicking at rocks and ocassionally pulling pathetically at the handle of the hatch while whining softly. Finally, you shrug and leap down to the sidewalk in front of the bank. You land directly in front of a large man, who jars you roughly. You hear a snap, and realize he’s crushed a pair of expensive sunglasses you keep in your front pocket.

“Those were 500 dollar sunglasses asshole.” You growl, pushing past him into the lobby.

The moment you step inside the bank, you hear screams. A small, balding man stands at the teller's window with a gun to the head of a customer.

“Listen sweetlips, you gonna slide me the cash from the safe nice and easy now, or this hot little mamma gets it in the temple.” he says.

That money does sound promising. Allow him to rob the bank so you can steal the money from him outside

Eh, this isn’t your problem. Fail to do anything and live out the rest of your life as a nobody