Land In The Group Of People

You take a deep breath and set down right in the middle of a large group of Sunday churchgoers.

"Yarrrgggh!" You say.

A middle-aged man yells and topples backwards onto a fire hydrant. They children scream and quickly scatter, a few scrambling under parked cars while the others disappear over a nearby hill. An old woman from the group gives you a troubled look, clutches her chest, and collapses with a gasp.

"My heart." She says.

“Gotcha!” you shout, “Man you should have seen your faces!”

The wind scatters some leaves across the sidewalk in front of you. The crumpled form on the sidewalk moans gently. From under a nearby car comes the sound of pathetic whimpering. The middle-aged man lies still in the grass except for the occasional twitch of a leg. You scratch your head and wonder where your prank went wrong. After deciding you don't care, you head into the bank.

Upon entering the lobby you hear the sounds of a scuffle. Someone is screaming. A small bald man stands at the window with a gun to the head of a customer. “Alright now hand over all the dough in the safe, or you and the broad gets clipped, see!” he says to the teller.