Come Crashing Through The Window

Since you’re apparently some sort of psychotic, you decide to smash through the window of your place of employment for no good reason at all. You find a window that looks promising and hit it dead center.

You crash through, landing on your feet and sliding across the floor in a hail of glass while shouting “Wooooo!” Unfortunately nobody is there to hear you, because you've landed in the storage room. You continue sliding a few more feet and bump awkwardly into a large stack of paper towels and tissue boxes someone had set on a desk, knocking them onto the floor. You bend down and taking a few moments to pick them up while muttering under your breath.

Suddenly you hear screaming from the lobby. You open the door a crack and out into the lobby. A small man stands at the window with a gun to the head of one of the customers.

“Eh eh empty the suh suh safe and g-g-give the muh muh money to me or the guh guh guh girl gets it!” he says to the teller.

That money does sound promising. Allow him to rob the bank so you can steal the money from him outside

This really isn’t your problem. Don’t do anything and live out the rest of your life as a nameles loser