Advice Column: Tommy's Advice

TeensBy Tommy Perkins
The man on this web place said I should make my own colum and then answer question from people about what to do. He says it is called advice column (asked how to spell it) and all I have to do is read the questions and answer them how I think. I asked doctor Jonson at group about this and he said yes tommy that would probably be good for you. I hope it isnt too hard to do though. Sometimes writing lots can be tough turkey.

This time they said I will get some questions from teen-ages. OK that sounds fine to me I guess. I don’t know much about that anymore because I am more than thirty years but alright Ill give it my best.

James Asks:

GirlI am a high school sophomore with a major crush on a senior. However, we rarely see each other. Her brother is one of my friends (not my best friend, but a friend nonetheless). I don't know if she's taken, but I can't just go up and say, "Hi, are you taken?". How can I go about approaching her, if at all?

Hi james how are you my name is tommy I am fine. Guess you like a girl at your school or somethin. Don’t know what some words mean but alright I will try to answer.

if you really like a girl I don’t know what to tell you sometimes it can be tough going. I remmeber at work (the bakery) one time this real pretty girl worked there named Sandy. I said to my friend Jones I said hey I think she’s real swell. He says to me “you know tommy you’re a grown man just go ask her out!” so I thought to ask her.

I went up and said Sandy come outside with me. For a minute she just stood there with a weird look on her face and then said she has to go to the bathroom and walked away real fast. I looked back and seen Jones and this other man clint Harold standing there laughing. I dint see what was so funny about it. Girls are strange.

Randi T Asks:

DadMy step dad came about three years ago and he constantly shouts and swears at us and puts us down. On top of that, he hits us and kicks us. What should I do?

Boy oh boy that man is bad news. I know it is your dad but you shouldn’t talk to him no more and maybe stay away. I know at my house when i get scared i go under the stairs. Its nice in there and real dark and quiet. Then my mom comes to the door and hits on it with the sweep broom. TOMMY TOMMY COME OUT OF THERE AND STOP BEING A CHILD. I am not a child i’m older than most people. Parents should undertand their kids better.

But for your question I ask my dad he says tommy you better tell that girl to call the police that man is a child beat. Call them its easy to remember with this song they tought me at the learning center: (song( If you scared don’t hide or run, just pick up the phone and dial nine and one one.

Christine H. asks:

GuyAt my school, I am a shorter girl and all my friends are taller than me. The problem is I really like this guy who is really tall and hot, but I'm afraid he won't like me because I'm smaller. He's already my friend, but I don't know. I also sort of like another boy, but the tall guy; I like him more. Please tell me what's right.

Hi you know one funny way you can end a letter too is to go like this: Help! I am at my wits end! Haha I seen that in the newspaper once.

But I am here to help you not give ideas so you want to know what to do if your short. What can you do? You cant get any taller for sure unless you wear some special shoes like I got. I put in the google for this question and find one answer you can use if I can figure how to put it here wait.

Christine H. asks:
At my school, I am a shorter girl and all my friends are taller than me. The problem is I really like this guy who is really tall and hot, but I'm afr

Noooo that aint right hold on once.

tied loosely with long, vertical dangling ends.
-- Avoid big belts, which can cut you in half visually.
-- Use long necklaces or pendants and avoid chokers.
-- Wear skirts that

There I think it worked now. Just read that and it will probably hel pyou. But if you ask me this lady who typed it is crazy it sounds like murders advice!

Kimbo asks:

GuitarI'm having trouble getting over someone. Last year, I had a HUGE crush on a guy. He's cute, plays the guitar, he has good manners, and he can be sweet. He seems so perfect, but I've heard from many people he's cheated on some of his previous girlfriends, which is one of the reasons why I want to get over him. What can I do to forget this great guy?

Hi kim and how are you today thanks for asking me for advice. I think this one is pretty easy so ill make it short and sweat. This man sounds pretty good actually if I was a girl I think I might be sad too. but then again what did you say? He cheats on a test? Or more like on a bored game. You cant have a boy who cheats around because as my granpap says if a man cheats at cards he only cheats himself. thank you and I hope you stay save over the holidays.

Thanks for reading my advise if you wanto hear more I will be back to do more this is fun. If you want advise answered from me just write a message to this web place. I don know how you do it but they said they will put it at the end of this. goodnight.