Here are Photos of Black People & Asians

Black Captain America
I just realized I don't have many pictures of black people or asians on this website. I apologize for this, but you have to understand that the internet's dumb/weird photo database is way skewed towards whiteys. But whatever, no big deal. Here are a bunch of  black and asian people.

Black Luke Skywalker

Black Luke Skywalker

Of China

Chinese Fat

Lego Rosa Parks

Lego Rosa Parks

Asian Man On Waffles

Asian On Waffles

Black Civil War Soldier (Melty)

Wax Soldier

Hottie Alert


I Approve of Black Santa

Black Santa

Stop it Japan! Just Stop it!


Save us Black Spiderman!

Spider Man Car
Thank you very much and I hope you have enjoyed these photographs of black people and asians.
Taste the Rainsbow.

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