Charity Watch: The United Way

United wayAs many of you may well know, I'm a filthy whore for charity. Seriously, it can be a real problem. I just can't seem to stop giving; it's ridiculous! But anyway, I just thought I'd let everyone know about the latest charity I'm supporting is The United Way. You've probably heard of them, they're a pretty popular charity. Anyway, the point is: I've decided to donate 50% of the revenue I receive from this website to United Way. That's great isn't it? Yeah, it really is. I'm a good person.
The thing is though, I did the calculations, and I figured out that after expenses, I actually lose about 30 dollars a year running this site.

So I guess that means I'm going to be donating -15 dollars a year. Or to put it another way: The United Way HAD BETTER GIVE ME FIFTEEN BIG ONES OR I AM STAGING A WALK OUT THIS IS NOT A TEST, WALK OUT! WALK OUT! WALK OUJT!

I'll expect a check by early next week.