English America Computer Class

to student staff and business professional. So many of you are here
today. Woah! I am welcoming you to class of Beginning Computing. Object
of class is learn use of microchip computer for twenty century

We all know of microprocessor computer, but do we
know each part and piece that make it function? No. Of course, no. Why
even learn such foolishness? Here is reason: Today, computer is much
importance at all job. You work at school? You work at police? You work
at petrol station? All these are putting the entry into computer.
So yes, learning computer is no joke. So let's come together with
me...and we learn the world of computers.


is essential component of computing. If battery run dry of the
energy...is worst thing! So keep battery clean and 100% charge, always.
No excuse.

If any battery die on your shift...is your
responsibility. The words "Sorry customer you fabrics can not ring-up
so come back later" are not in business job vocabulary lesson. Instead
you hear this word: "Hello I am the boss! Idiot! What happen to cash
machine? All my profits are ruined! Turn in smock. Turn in badge. You
are fired!"

Harsh but true.

Battery Top Tip:
When choosing battery, recommend a fixed-capacity electric model.


simple, bottom line: Ensure RAM. Spend a moment to notice and touch
black chips bulging on each RAM. Sleek. Efficiency. Sensual. Each bulge
increases calculation speed.

Consult these bulges now. Does the total equal to ten? If yes: Well
done, you succeed. If not: Please begin again.  

Buying Computer Memory RAM



printing out results, nothing beats printer. How important is printer?
Here is a sample to show you: One travels to bank and inserts a cheque.
But later, the payment failed! Returning to bank...

Banker: Hey,
I apologize to you, but present the receipt as proof.
You: No I am
afraid I haven't such a thing. But I give my word as gentlemen.
Banker: Hey
get a clue this is no joking around. You must be a rube or kind
of some scheme artist! Printed paper required 100% for all bank
Betty my secretary, call police. They get this scum out of bank and
into the paddy wagon.

You see? Words for the wise man. Always print. With printer this never
happen again.


computer is body parts, CPU processor is head. The boss. Big cheese.
Big boss. After thinking about your command, processor sends to every
other part a message saying: "I'm telling you now. Do this. Do that".
Other parts do what it says.

Remove this piece of a computer pie and...oh brother! Computer is a
dumb rock, dumb. No parts work. Put it back in. Get going.

Top Tip:

When you buy processor, check back of box looking for model
number. One example would be...the number 8. If you can not find the
any number, ask an adult for help.
Idiot Family Learns Computer Together


break from learning for one moment, yes? No need to stay always the
serious...how about let's have a little computer jokes!

What computer is eating
for snack?

Micro Chips

Hello. Why computer is

Needs to have a byte of food.

What is the computer
favorite dinner?

The floppy Joe of course

I wonder why
did delivery truck run over computer?

He thought to drive on informations super highway.

What did dirty Polish dog
say in the email?

Nothing because Polish can't read and write, the filth.



here it is. This final separation of everyone from the boys. The secret
key for operating computer is...mathematics. When one uses computers in
workplace, one must be keeping math in constant use. To avoid rusting
at math, perform your multipede tables each morning!

Time for test. See your Math Might with these arithmetics. When
completed, see answer key for answers.

  1. So what if B equals 12 multipled by 5 + A?
  2. If
    Rhachmeal and Mik together are longer than Sareaeai (who is 4 metres),
    but shorter than 5 metres...How many metres has Rhachmeal?
  3. The train leaves Penta Station at 200 kilometres per hour.
  4. You won sweepstake and now have one million. How much
    government taxes for one million?
  5. At his job Rick drunk 3 litres of the 80% alcohol drink,
    and 2 litres of the 40% saline solution drink. Then fell asleep.
  6. Carlotta's
    class contain more than 30 student, but less than 50 student. Carlotta
    is making friends with 1/3 of them. Find out what happens.
Old Time Class Learns Computers, Yes?


you all very much for today's lesson. Homework this session is to
complete Element 5 Math Time questions. Put answers on a sheet. In next
week, lesson is Speed Typing.

Now this lesson on parts has completed. Students may go home. Come back
to class again next time.