Uh, I guess someone went ahead and hacked this site a little while ago. Honestly I don't understand it. Who the hell is going out of their way to deface a piece of crap site like this?

You replaced the entire site with some text that said "Hacked by someone (sorry, forgot the name you used)". Frankly, this was probably an improvement.

Yeah, I'm sure everybody who reads this site was broken up because they wouldn't be able to read an article in which I give out awards to fictional pigs. Or maybe they really wanted some information on how to kill mummies and they weren't able to get it.

Big deal.

Anyway, I was just wondering why anyone would bother to deface something which is pretty much just internet graffiti anyway. Seems like a waste of time. But I'm not trying to tell anyone what to do. Do whatever you want. I sure don't make any money off of this worthless thing anyway.

But to make up for the trouble, or in case anyone is angry they couldn't see the website for a few hours, here are some good pictures to make up for it: