Pop Culture Icons I Am Unfamiliar With: The Flying Nun

NunSo yeah, I definitely don't have any idea what The Flying Nun is. The words “The Flying Nun” reside somewhere deep in my psyche, and when I hear someone speak them (in that order) I feel a small surge of recognition (as in: Oh, that's a thing which I am aware of the existence of) hat's about as far as my understanding of The Flying Nun goes.

Also, I feel it should be noted that I found all the pictures in this article by typing “flying nun” into google image search, so any Flying Nun fans out there shouldn't be angry with me if a few of them happen to not feature the official flying nun. Thank you.

What I think the Flying Nun Probably Is

The flying nun might be some old British television series featuring a nun who flies around and performs various feats. Some of the feats I believe she may have performed are included in the following bulleted list:

  • Nun 2Flying high above the city with her hand shading her eyes as she seeks out danger
  • Swooping down and rescuing children who happen to be hanging on the edges of cliffs
  • Roping escaped cattle with a lasso and dragging them back to their owners
  • Removing old shingles from derelict houses by flying by real fast so they rip off and cause a shingle tornado
  • Scooping up cement mixing trucks and filling them with water from a lake and then pouring the water on a forest fire to help the firemen
  • Stopping bar fights by flying around the brawlers in a circle really fast while holding a rope until they are tied up

Yes, the flying nun can do almost anything. I'm sure she also teaches some kids a valuable lesson about life in each episode too, just like Captain Planet.

Flying Nun Fanfiction

Nun 3Bessie swoops down into the the desert canyon. With her grand nun arms spread wide, she can almost touch the sides. Spotting the group of children below her, she dives toward them. The children begin to scream as she nears. “A monster!” one of them cries as she alights in front of them, “a black chesspiece monster and he's eating that lady's head!”

“Never fear children,” Bessie soothes, “I'm the flying nun and I'm here to fly you home. Now come along.” She steps forward, wrinkled hand outstretched.

“It's talking!” one girl wails, “Make it stop talking to me!” “Let's kill it with rocks!” shouts one of the older boys. The others nod in agreement and begin scooping up large rocks and hurling them.

"Yeah! Yeah!" The children cry.

“Oh my god.” Bessie cowers beneath the shower of stones.

“Eeeeeek!” one boy shouts, picking up a particularly smooth stone and letting it fly. The stone strikes her temple, dropping her to the ground.

Nun 4“I hitted it,” one of the children yells triumphantly, “I seen the blood!”

“We gotta make sure it's dead or it might come back and eat us.” a larger boy cautions, dragging an enormous stone slab towards Bessie's unconscious form. Upon reaching her he lifts one edge of the stone above her head, straining and lets it drop with a sickening crunch. Bessie's limbs twitch for a moment, and then go limp.

“ Sounded like when I kilt a joonbug once.” a little girl coos. A dark rivulet pushes its way out from under the rock and begins to make its way through the sand.

“I like to smush things.” Says the older boy, rubbing his belly.

"Grrrrgl." says the flying nun.


Alright, so I went ahead and actually looked up the flying nun Here's what it says:

"The Flying Nun is an American sitcom produced by Screen Gems for ABC based on the book The Fifteenth Pelican, by Tere Rios. The sitcom ran for three seasons, and produced 82 color episodes from 1967 until 1970"..."The unusual premise caught the attention of the public and the program was a success, yet the storylines were limited, and by the end of the show's run, the writers were struggling to create new situations that would allow the heroine to take flight.

So there you have it. I was 100% right. I'll close out this article with a customer review of The Flying Nun: Season 1 I found on Amazon:

By David "Mannequin Man" Preiser
"This Was A Favorite Of Mine!!! Sally Is Fantastic As Are The Rest Of The Cast!!!! The Show Had Wonderful Writing And Is So Much Fun To Watch!!! The Picture And Sound Are Great And I Can't Wait For the Next Seasons!!! Hopefully "The Girl With Something Extra" Will Be Released In The Future!!!!"