Random Stuff
From time to time I find certain items lying around the house. That’s it. I just find different things sometimes; I have nothing else to say. But hmm… I guess I’ll need more than that to fill an entire article huh? How about this: I’ll review some of it. Would that make you happy? Would that satisfy you? You people make me sick; sick! Whoa. Sorry I blew up. Here are some pointless thoughts on crap I found sitting around my house.

Medical Book The New Modern Home Physician Here’s a medical book from the 50s I found at my grandma’s house. I will now proceed to review it as if doing so were not at all out of the ordinary.

Cover – 7/10

The general design is pretty good, but they got too fancy with the font for the word “New”. It looks more like it says “Hew”. That isn’t a word anyone uses for anything. I also subtracted a point because there isn’t anything on the back cover, it’s just blank. Would it kill you to put a description or excerpt? Also the spine has a big rip in it. Minus one point.

Ladies Grope

Feel – 9/10

This book has a good weight to it. It would be good to keep on your desk in case you got worked yourself into an impotent rage and needed something to throw. Yeah, I bet it would be pretty satisfying to throw this old book.

Smell Book

Smell – 3/10

I don’t care for the smell of this book at all. It smells like a mixture of musty basement and some old lady’s cheap perfume. I suppose that’s probably the way most old books smell, but I don’t consider that a valid excuse.

Ancient Book

Content – 10/10

I have to say, this is where the book really shines. There are plenty of very useful medical advice and home remedies inside. Maybe you’ve got a bit of a dandruff problem. Let’s see what the book has to say:

“As to the cause of dandruff, there is no doubt at all that microbes are involved…These may be transferred from one person to another by hair brushes and in other ways. An ointment may be used, of which the following is a good example:
Precipitated Sulfur – 30 Grains
Salicylic Acid – 10 Grains
Mineral Oil – 1 Ounce”

Useful right? But maybe you’d like some tips on properly chewing food? Covered!

“Sprightly conversation, a newspaper or a book may make a meal more enjoyable and by mental action favor its digestion” … “Satisfactory mastication requires, first, a sufficiency of teeth and, second, sufficient time devoted to chewing” … “a half-hour’s rest after meals will help digestion by preventing the blood necessary for that purpose from being withdrawn for the exercise of brain or brawn.”

Hey! But what about deaf-mutes?

“Persons who are deaf and dumb are referred to as deaf-mutes” … “it must most positively be laid down that as an invariable rule that persons afflicted with congenital deafness should not breed” … “a person can provide [artificial eardrums] for himself by making a little ball of cotton wool, tying a thread firmly to it, dipping it into collodion and, when this is dry putting it into the ear in the position in which he hears best.”

There’s plenty more great advice in here, but I haven’t got enough room to give you any more. Maybe another time.

Fire Safe Fire Safe Sometimes I like to mill around in the aisles of home improvement stores. I enjoy picking up various items such as deadbolt lock sets or ceiling fan balancing kits, glancing at them for a moment, and then tossing them carelessly back into the incorrect slots. It pleases me; I get a real charge out of it. So one day I’m doing this and I come to the section where they keep the safes. Seeing them there, all secure and fireproof and everything, it really made me think. What would happen to my most treasured possessions if my house burned down? Could I live without:

  1. My birth certificate?
  2. My passport?
  3. My snub nosed pistol?

    Hunter Pistol
  4. My extensive collection of 1990s X-Men and Star Wars collector cards?
  5. My thousands of dollars in Mexican savings bonds?
  6. My cocaine brick?

The answer to these questions is tricky because:

  1. I don’t know where my birth certificate is anyway
  2. I never leave the country
  3. I don't think they'd let someone like me carry a gun

    Leonard Shelby
  4. The trading cards are on a shelf in my closet and I don’t feel like getting them down because all the stuff stacked on top of them will probably fall all over the floor
  5. I only have a single 50 dollar American savings bond
  6. I snorted the last of that cocaine only minutes ago

Well maybe the answer isn’t all THAT tricky. The truth is that I have absolutely no use for a fire safe, which is why I decided to buy one. So currently secured inside my safe (which is unlocked but not that it matters because it could easily be picked up and carried directly out my front door by even a small crippled child anyway) are:

  1. Unimportant mortgage papers
  2. Possibly a smudged copy of my social security card (I would have to check)

So yeah, best 50 dollars I ever spent.