Web Detritus #156: A Fistula Full Of Dollars

Horse Horsey With Ribbons Over Face
What follows is a 6-8 weeks worth of Internet which has been quintuple filtered through my Citalopram-addled brain and arranged in list form for your perusal. Each link comes highly recommended by me, but these recommendations should be taken with several mountains of salt, as I am afflicted with a severe case of narcissistic personality disorder which renders me almost completely incapable of predicting what People Who Are Not Me will find interesting, funny, or useful.

Nevertheless: Here's some of what I've dug up this time around: Suicidal Animals, What The Muppets Learned From Softcore Porn, Amusing Hatecrimes, Movie Poster Cliches, Non-Heroic Soldiers, Stoned Driving vs Drunk Driving, The Inherent Uselessness Of Creativity, Child Psychopaths, and Funcoland Training Videos Which Will Likely Make You Question The Existence Of God.

Web Detritus #155: The New Batch

Falling Guy Oh, hello there. I didn't hear you come in. Stick around, it's perfectly alright. I was just finishing up an article I intend to publish on the internet. It's mostly just a collection of links to news stories and articles I...was...hey, what're you doing? Oh my god, what the hell is that!? Oh my god. Oh my god! No! No! AUUGGHH! Help! Somebody help me! NRRGkerIJ IASD67ng,uj.

This week's top stories: Ingenious Bank Robberies Gone Wrong, Near-Death Experiences 'Splained By Science, What We Can Learn From Cinematic Time-Travellers, Why Media Piracy Is Worse Than Murder, Hip-Hop Lyrics Dissected By An Intelligent Man, The Perils Of Bestiality, And The Wittiest Comebacks Of All Time.

Web Detritus #154

Back Butterrer Butters BackSo hey: Here's another one of these link roundup things. This one is pretty hearty (plenty of links) so I suppose we better get started right away.

Topics covered include: US Destinations With Racist Names, The Least Untrustworthy Companies In The US, Maurice Sendak Calls A Guy A 'Flaccid Fuckhead', Cellphone Cancer, Some Prick Haunted House, The Most Bestest Scientists Ever, and Hotels Built To Facilitate Murder.

Web Detritus #153

Weird EyesHello, and welcome to another edition of Web Detritus, an online repository of profoundly irrelevant links, videos, and articles, hand-picked by me, a human at a desk.

Here's a little of what I've scrounged up this time around: Which Guns Are Best For Killing Dinosaurs, Poor People In "The Good Old Days", Why Nightclubs Blow, Two-Headed Mutant Felines, An Easy Way To Waste 11 Million Dollars, 3D Movies Which Aren't Complete Shit, And Which Cellphone Provider Cares Least About Your Privacy (Hint: It's All Of Them).

Web Detritus #152

Bag BoyzSporadically published compendium of "notable" articles, online curiosities, and a bunch of other things I enjoy either sincerely or ironically.

Here's some of what I've dredged up this time (pointlessly capitalized for your reading displeasure): Steven Seagal's Continuing Quest To Become The Most Interesting Man In The Multiverse, X-Ray Horror, A Comprehensive List Of Highly Unusual Deaths, Advice On Passing Gas, Hatred For Mother Teresa, The Joys Of Sextortion, And An Early 90s Film Featuring A Shirtless Jesse Ventura.

Web Detritus: Issue #151

Waterfall StairsA [Bi/Tri/Quad]weekly compilation of The Least Important Things On The Internet, as chosen by me, an idiot.

Inside this issue: What Certain Pets Taste Like, Horrifying 3rd World Movie Posters, Gruesome Punishments Throughout History, D and C-List Celebrities Making Asses Of Themselves, Lord Of The Flies In Real Life, A Mindblowing Video Which Will Swallow Your Soul and of course: The Latest In Shitty Fashions.

Web Detritus: Issue #150

Horsey!Below you will find some items of note* I found on the internet recently**. Feel free to look through them if you have a couple minutes. There's a good chance you probably might not regret it. This issues topics include:

How To Get Fired From McDonalds, Buying A Stolen Credit Card, The Spectacular Assholery Of Online Games, Why You Can Tell A Cop To Fuck Off, Gladiatorial Contests Held By Mexican Druglords, My Little Ponies, Marijuana As A Cure For Cancer, and [Many Of The] The Possible Ends Of The World Explained By Science.

Web Detritus: Issue #149

Tiny ArmsYou know those aggregation sites like Reddit which act as a filter for the internet by allowing people to vote on the best links or articles?

Well, this series is sort of like that, except without the voting, or the usefulness, or the part about how the things you find are interesting and useful. It also isn't updated nearly as often, and it the site it's on is sort of cheap because I don't really know anything about web design.
But other than all that stuff, I'd say they're pretty much identical.

Web Detritus: Issue #148

Obama Gay KissHello, and welcome to a very special "Flagrant Overuse Of Thesaurus" Edition of Web Detritus. For those who cannot divine this article's purpose due to it's gratuitously cryptic title, allow me to elucidate: What follows is a haphazard compendium of provocative and amusing links which I have chosen to dispense to The Infobahn* at fixed intervals.

This issue** incorporates the following items: Links, Photos Videos, More. Thank you.

*Don't Ask Me

**Putting the date in the title of every article in this series was starting to annoy me. So from now on, each one will simply be an "issue". That way, I only have to type a number instead of a whole date. Also I don't have to look the date up, or make sure it's correct. Oh and one last thing: As you can probably see from the title up there, I didn't want to start at #1, so I kind of just picked a random number that sounded official. Hope that's alright with you.

Web Detritus (Week of 05.15.11)

No EyesA collection of worthwhile articles, infographics, websites, non-websites, strange videos, non-strange videos, and customer reviews of products you'll never want to buy, written all in capital letters.
This week: Asshole CEOs, Abandoned Theme Parks, How Little Sleep You Actually Need, Mistranslated Movie Titles, Somewhat Disturbing Babies, The Hazards Of Male Nursing & The Wonderful Sweaters Of Cosby.
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