Word on The Street: Bucket Lists

Spider Man Wailing Wall
Due to the outstanding success of my recently published article on bucket lists, I decided to "take it to the streets" and accost complete strangers, jabbing a starter pistol in their ribs and insisting that they create their own top 10 lists of "Things to Do Before You Die".
Not surprisingly, many of them complied, coming up with some thought-provoking and insightful responses that really made me stop and consider what it means to be human in this crazy mixed-up world of ours. Unfortunately I was only able to get in three interviews before I was shot in the chest and upper thigh by some hero cop who decided I was breaking some obscure law, but I think you'll find that the lists I was able to compile were well worth my arrest and subsequent arraignment on felony assault and use of facsimile firearm charges.
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