By Tommy Perkins

Hello everyone I am here again to answer more advise about things people want to know. Today the people at this web page said I will get questions about super natural things they said. I said, what does that mean!? They said, now tommy its like aliens and werewolfs and things like this. It sounds pretty scary. I hope I dont get too scared tonight when writing it.

It is dark out now.

Traci Martins asks:

AlienI was young during a bug UFO explosion, I remember all kinds of mystery shows. Sightings, and Unsloved Mysteries and the Alien Atuposy video. and i watched it all. It scared me but i still watched.And i had my father telling me stories (he still tells them) about his Three nights of close incounters.

And well that fear is deep seeded in me. I am sitting here now, in a room of my house, i am alone in thsi room, but not alone in the house andi have a horrific fear, that THEY are watching, waiting to get me. to this day i cannot sit with open windows, for the fear that i will see one staring back at me. How can I overcomb this fear?

Oh man oh man this is not good this is scary stuff right away. I don’t know if I can answer all these questions if they are all going this scary. But I know i feel like i am here to help all of you so I told myself, tommy you have to be brave and buckle up so here it goes.

Lady; if you are scared of aliens (I am too) you have to not be anymore. My mom believe in alien but dad says that’s a bunch of hogwash and trash. But I know what I seen. One night I was comin home from the bakery alone and I work late. Then I went in cross the street and even did look both ways! but next I remember I felt somethin strange a woke up at home. I went and asked mom what day it was and she says Saturday silly. It sure didn’t feel like Saturday to me. i think aliens done it.

Rory Asks:

SasquatchSummer of 2006.  I was winding around the corner of my house on my bike, when I came to a screeching halt. Suddenly I am staring into the eyes of this wholly creature. It stood on two forelegs, it's coat full of black hairs, resembling a brown bear, but black.

The large beast had maroon eyes, and we just studied each other for no more than four seconds. Then it knocked me down and ran into the woods. From that day on I have ben afraid to go outside, and none of my friends or family believe me.

How can I make them believe?

Yikes stripes! That is another pretty scary one but at least a whereman you can go inside and lock the lock to keep him out (unless he is real big and breaks doors) but usually it work. But wow your problem is bad though I know what it can be like if no body even beliefs a thing you say.

i think really try to get a picture of it go in the woods and into the streams and find that brown black bear. one second thought, how do you know it was not really a bear actually! I seen a bear eatin from your trash and momma scream and I thrown my trapper keeper at it. it ran away but she never pets dogs anymore. bears arE SCARY STUFF.

Haunted In Hunberg Asks:

Haunted 1My family and I live in a house, and since I was a little girl I have always been afraid of it. When I was little, I could see figures swirling around in the dark, or feel eyes upon me. Of course, my parents just thought I was being kid with "monsters in the closet" syndrome. There have been so many incidents with ghosts. Here are some things which happen in the house:

- Mirrors that fall over and break right when we're about to walk past them
- Vases and small statues that break.
- Eerie noises and scratching sounds; often times breathing.
- Foul smells and odors that appear from nowhere.
- Warm and cold spots.

I know this is ghosts for a fact, but how can I deal with these terrifying experiences? I don’t want to move, as I love my house.

Okay miss or sir, I dont really know, I never seen a ghost before and maybe they arent not even true. But things you talk about in your house sound like suspects in a crime, and the crime is that you dont have no ghosts. Sory about that joke but your ghosts sounds silly to me. here I will put the things like you made them and answer each.

Mirrors that fall over and break right when your about to walk passed
You KNOW sometimes mirrors that are made of glass could break you know. Might be you are just clumby. One joke I could tell is that your ugly and that makes the glass break too hahaa!

Haunted 2Vases statues that break
i really want to know why even keep this dumb stuff in a house at all I don’t think you need a vase and statue. Maybe sometimes even you see a statue and thing it’s a ghost.

Fowl smells and odors that appear out from nowhere
Maybe another joke too could be too that the fowl smell dont come from no where  that it comes from you! But to be more serious sometimes houses have smells, stop being so dumb.

Warm or cold spot
Look around this House and make sure you did not leave a window and a door open, this makes cold and warm in any place you can go even not by that window and door. your familoy is probably careless from being so scared from ghosts!

Anyway I think you can know by now: I do not even believe in your ghosts. Maybe in aliens and maybe in warwilfs but not in no ghost. you have to go see a doctor sometimes and tell him you hear voices and things. They give you pills for that.

But that friend is the end of this advises thing for today. IF you would like your own advise answered by me you can go to contact pages at the end there and write the advice there and click send, I am happy to help anyone.