Each morning at 5:30 sharp, distinguished historian William H. MacMillan would leap from his third-level bunk bed, flip on the lights, and, jutting out his jaw, begin to beat upon his chest with his fists, declaring himself to be high king of the jungle. His fourteen sisters would grumble and groan, thrashing about in their beds and pulling the quilts over their faces, pleading with him to let them sleep.
On this particular morning however, he had other plans.
"Sqwawk, sqwawk!" he cried, pecking at the air, "Lazy bones make for lazy days! Sqwawk, sqwawk!"
"Uuunnnhhhhhhhhh..." said his sisters.
"Rise and shine! Rise and shine! Bwwaaak!" he replied, his heavily-waxed mustache twitching.
"That doesn't make sense!" his sister Charlene mumbled, rolling over to face him and rubbing her eyes, "How could a monkey even make those sounds?"
Bedroom"I don't think he's a monkey today" mused Stacy, "he's probably just some other dumb thing like a moose or a muskrabbit."
"You mean musk cat" corrected Evaline.
"Yeah sorry musk cat", Stacy said.
But distinguished historian William H. MacMillan paid no attention to any of them, and scuffed at the carpet with his stockinged feet, clucking to himself. One by one, the girls climbed down out of their beds and filed past him in their nightgowns, rolling their eyes. They tromped out the door and down the hall without looking back, the last girl closing the door behind her.
"Aw shucks," distinguished historian William H. MacMillan muttered, "living in a house full of no-fun girls stinks!"
Tears streaking his face, he stumbled over to a nearby vanity and began tearing pages from one of the girls' diaries.
*  *  *
After bathing, shaving, and donning his favorite three piece lambskin suit, distinguished historian William H. MacMillan proceeded solemnly down the stairs and into the kitchen. His mother and sisters were seated around the table, wolfing down the remnants of their deviled eggs and slightly moist butterless toast.
"Distinguished historian William H. MacMillan!" scolded mother, "What have I told you about being late for breakfast!"
Distinguished historian William H. MacMillan said nothing, plodding over to the table and settling into his chair. When his mother made no move to serve him, he sighed, stood up, and stormed over to the pots and pans on the stove.
Kitchen Despair"There aren't any eggs here!" he shouted, banging the pans around, "Where's my G.D. eggs!?"
"Distinguished historian William H. MacMillan!" cried his mother, aghast, "You know we don't use that sort of language in this house."
"You don't get any eggs because you were LAAAAATE!" Melanie cried gleefully.
"It's the rules." agreed Naomi the 3rd through a mouthful of toast.
Distinguished historian William H. MacMillan turned to look at his mother, who only nodded.
"But MOOOO-OOOOOM!" Distinguished historian William H. MacMillan whined, tears welling in his eyes.
Shrugging, she turned away. The girls began to giggle. Distinguished historian William H. MacMillan stood for a moment, his lip quivering. He began to cry.
"You just wait till your father gets home," said Mother disinterestedly, "He'll give you something to cry about."
*  *  *
"What movie do you girls want to watch?" mother asked as she pulled open a drawer full of battered old VHS tapes.
"Teen Wolf Too! Teen Wolf Too!" all the girls screamed, joining hands and parading around the room.
"No!" pouted distinguished historian William H. MacMillan, "But I wanted to watch The Wizard."
"Now distinguished historian William H. MacMillan, if we can't all agree on a movie then nobody can watch anything." his mother said, placing her hands on her hips.
"But mo-om!" he whined, "I neeeever get to watch what I want! I wanna watch The Wizard!"
"I know why he wants to watch it," Karen cried, her eyes wide with delight, "It's because his giiirrl-friend is in it!"
"Ooooooooh!" cried the other girls in unison, "DistinguishedhistorianWilliamH.MacMillan's got a girl-friend! DistinguishedhistorianWilliamH.MacMillan's got a girl-friend!"
VHS Movies"They're lovers!" squealed Lola, pointing and laughing.
"It isn't true! It isn't true!" distinguished historian William H. MacMillan began to cry.
The girls began to dance around him, sticking out their tiny pink tongues and tugging at the hems of his double breasted suit jacket.
"Nah nah nah nah nah! Distinguished historian William H. MacMillan is in lo-ove!" they jeered.
"Oh, look at the little baby!" shouted Joanna, "He's a little diaper baby! Let's change him and give him a bottle!"
"Stoppit! Stoppit!" he moaned, burying his head in his hands, "I'm not in love! I'm not a diaper baby!"
Mother only laughed as she strode over to the player, sliding the Teen Wolf Too cassette into the slot.
"Hoo-ray!" cried the girls in unison, "Teen Wolf Too!"
Sobbing uncontrollably, distinguished historian William H. MacMillan ran out of the room and up the stairs to the bedroom. He flopped down onto one of the bunks and buried his head in the pillow. After he had stopped crying, he got up and wandered over to the shelves in the corner of the room. Sniffling, he picked up his favorite nude troll doll, clutching it to his tear-stained chest. He settled down into the chair at the vanity and began running a brush through the doll's wild, pink tuft of hair, humming softly to himself.
"You'll be my friend won't you trumpy?" he whispered to the doll as he brushed. "Of course you will..." Finishing, he set down the brush and smoothed back it's frazzled mane. "We'll be best friends forever and ever." he said, kissing the doll lightly on it's stomach and placing it in his breast pocket of his suitjacket.
"Forever and ever..."
Troll Doll

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