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How To Get Fired From McDonalds, Buying A Stolen Credit Card, The Spectacular Assholery Of Online Games, Why You Can Tell A Cop To Fuck Off, Gladiatorial Contests Held By Mexican Druglords, My Little Ponies, Marijuana As A Cure For Cancer, and [Many Of The] The Possible Ends Of The World Explained By Science.


Mexican Druglords Celebrate 40 Year Anniversary Of US War On Drugs By Backstroking Through Pools Of Money, Stepping Up The Beheadings [Chron]

12 Catastrophic Events That Will Change Everything [ScientificAmerican]

Reminder: In America, It Is Probably Not Illegal To Tell A Cop To Fuck Off  [SFWeekly]

Minecraft, A Near-Mauling, & The Lizardbrain Terror Of The Night [TheEscapist]

Bronies: Adult Male My Little Pony Fans [Wired]

Miniature Donkey Talk Magazine Is Probably Exactly What You Think It Is [MDTMag]

Jamestown Is A PC Game Which Causes Me To Radiate Joy To All Corners Of The Universe [Steam]

What's The Best Place To Seek Shelter From A Tornado?

Chinese People Take Break From Wallowing In Own Filth To Get Indignant Over Ostensibly Accurate Observations About Their Culture [Guardian]

Custom Graphs: Enter A Once-Great Actor Or Director's Name & Laugh At How Far They've Fallen [Slate]

14 Ways To Get Fired From McDonalds [BusinessInsider]

National Cancer Institute Says Marijuana Fights Cancer,  Changes It's Mind [SFWeekly]

Infographic: The Life Of A Prisoner [No Clue]

What Happens When An Innocent Man Is Accused Of Torturing & Raping A Woman? [LATimes]

Dwarf Fortress Is A Video Game. Here Is An In-Depth Look At It [NYTimes]

How To Buy A Stolen Credit Card [NPR]

The 7 Biggest Asshole Moves In The History Of Online Gaming [Cracked]




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