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This week: The Horrors Of Shrieking Children, Elderly Japanese Mummies, Stealing From The Blind, Movie Theater Violence, Inception, and Ice Cream Ice Cream Ice Cream?



Brat Screams Loud Enough To Rupture Woman's Eardrums
US tourist Jean Barnard, who embarked on her dream holiday to Australia and New Zealand in January last year, alleges the trip became a nightmare when she boarded a Darwin-bound Qantas plane in Alice Springs, walked to her assigned seat and came face-to-face with a three-year-old boy across the aisle.

The boy allegedly leaned back over his armrest toward Ms Barnard and let out a scream so severe that blood erupted from her ears, leaving her "stone cold deaf". Ms Barnard was helped off the plane and taken to an Alice Springs hospital.

"The pain was so excruciating that I didn't even know I was deaf," Ms Barnard allegedly said. "I guess we are simply fortunate that my eardrum was exploding and I was swallowing blood. Had it not been for that, I would have dragged that kid out of his mother's arms and stomped him to death. Then we would have an 'international incident'."
Man Sends Nude Photo To Girlfriend's Mom
Wisconsin police said an 18-year-old man was cited for disorderly conduct when a nude photo intended for his girlfriend instead wound up on her mom's cellphone.

Police said the man, whose name was not released, sent the nude picture of himself to his 17-year-old Brookfield girlfriend's cellphone, apparently unaware that she shares the phone with her mother.

The mother was the first to see the picture and reported it to police, who issued the man a citation for disorderly conduct.
Oldest Man In Tokyo Not Technically Oldest Man In Toyko
A man listed as the oldest living male in Tokyo in fact died some 30 years ago, city officials said after his body was found mummified in his bed. Police visited the home of Sogen Kato at the request of ward officials updating their list of centenarians ahead of Respect for the Elderly Day in September. Kato was born July 22, 1899.

Welfare officials have tried to meet Kato since earlier this year, but his family members repeatedly chased them away, saying Kato was well but didn't want to see anyone. Officials grew suspicious and sought an investigation by police, who forced their way into the house Wednesday. Police said the mummified body believed to be Kato was lying in his bed, wearing underwear and pajamas, covered with a blanket.
Old Woman Gnaws On Thieves, Is Dragged Behind Getaway Car
A great-grandmother in Daytona Beach bit an assailant and was dragged several feet hanging on to the getaway car of a couple who snatched her purse.

Police said the 73-year-old was accosted at a gas station over the weekend by a man and woman who grabbed her purse and tried to speed off. On instinct, Robertson said she bit the man hard enough to draw blood and hung on to their truck when that failed.

Robertson said she's sore and almost lost a tooth.
Rich Guy With Poor Taste Steals Chips, USA Today From Blind Man
A man making a court appearance on a theft charge in Cincinnati had $800 on him when he was charged with stealing junk food from a deli, officials say. [The man], 52, allegedly made off Tuesday with potato chips, Hostess cupcakes, a couple of cans of soda and a copy of USA Today with a total value of $5.

The owner of the Courthouse Deli is legally blind. But other thieves have been caught because court officers view the tape.

When he was arrested and searched, [the suspect] proved to be carrying $805 -- enough to pay for the items with plenty left over, officials said.


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