Back Butterrer Butters BackSo hey: Here's another one of these link roundup things. This one is pretty hearty (plenty of links) so I suppose we better get started right away.

Topics covered include: US Destinations With Racist Names, The Least Untrustworthy Companies In The US, Maurice Sendak Calls A Guy A 'Flaccid Fuckhead', Cellphone Cancer, Some Prick Haunted House, The Most Bestest Scientists Ever, and Hotels Built To Facilitate Murder.


From Dago Spring To Polack Swamp:  How Many Locations In The US Have Racial Slurs As Names? [Slate]

38 Reasonably Amazing Photos Of Microscopic...Stuff

Psychology & The Benjamin Franklin Effect: "We Are What We Pretend To Be, So We Must Be Careful About What We Pretend To Be" [YouAreNotSoSmart]

Which Scientists Have Saved The Most Human Lives? [ScienceHeroes]

2011 Most Trusted Companies In America [Temkin]

Read This Right Away: H.H. Holmes Is The Most Fascinating Serial Killer Of All Time [Wikipedia]

Why We Hew-Mans Nod Our Heads For Yes And Shake Them For No [StraightDope]

Haunted House Is Kind Of A Dick, Takes Photos Of People Getting Scared And Posts Them Online [Flickr]

Hopefully The Wikipedia Entry For Human Centipede 2 Is Disgusting Enough To Dissuade You From Ever Seeing Human Centipede 2

Death & Taxes: This Maddeningly Detailed Poster Purports To Show How US Tax Dollars Are Spent [Amazon]

Here's A Thing: Huge 15 Year Study Finds No Link Between Cellphones And Cancer [ArsTechnica]

Developer Deliberately Creates Dullest Game Facebook Ever, Is Dismayed When It Becomes Popular [Kotaku]

Whar The Wyld Thangs Is: An Interview With Maurice Sendak, A Very Crude Man [Guardian]



Requiem For A Dream
Voont All Caps Review

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