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This week's edition of Weird News should be useless to 99.99% of the population, but extremely useful to the remaining 0.01%. Included amongst that minority would be: Persons who are desperately seeking a Kenny Rogers impersonator, fans of preteen early 00s rap superstar Lil' Romeo, cops who have sex in church, and Christians who believe they may be possessed by a demon.


Weird News Stories of The Week

Funeral Home Sends Grandmother's Brain To Family in Bag
Members of a New Mexico family are suing a funeral home, claiming their grandmother's brain was sent home in a bag of personal effects given to them after her death.

The lawsuit filed on behalf of four family members in state District Court in Albuquerque says the discovery was made the day after interment, when relatives smelled a foul odor coming from a bag they received from [the funeral home].

Man in Hospital Gown Steals $50, Escapes on Walmart Scooter
Police say a Pennsylvania man in a hospital gown stole $50 from his ex-girlfriend at Wal-Mart, then tried to flee on a store-owned motorized shopping scooter. [He] had just been released from a hospital for injuries in a domestic dispute [and] had been hit with a frying pan and table leg.
David was still in a hospital gown Tuesday night when he met an ex-girlfriend who agreed to pay for his prescription medication. Instead, police say he grabbed $50 from her and scooted away.

McDonald's Runs Out of Nuggets, Woman Punches Clerk
Toledo Police say [the woman] stopped at the fast-food restaurant at Front and Main Streets in East Toledo early Friday morning and asked for chicken nuggets.  When the drive-thru attendant told her the restaurant was only serving breakfast and that the item was not available, Dushane reached through the window and punched the attendant in the mouth.

After a night manager came to the window, Dushane began swinging her fists at her.  The manager attempted to pull Dushane through the window by her hair.  After being released, Dushane then punched through the drive-thru's glass window.

Senior Citizen Drives Through Wall of Restaurant, Orders Breakfast
A 91-year-old man who crashed his car into a popular Florida restaraunt proceeded to sit down and order breakfast near his vehicle, authorities said.

"[He] sat down and ordered breakfast right after the crash," [a fire department spokesman] said. "He sat close to where the crash occurred so he could keep an eye on his car."

Port Orange Assistant Police Chief Wayne Miller said Pierce was attempting to park Monday at the restaurant when he pressed the accelerator "one too many times" and the vehicle slammed through the glass window of the cafe.

Cop Accused of Interrupting Church Service By Having Sex
Police in southern Germany said an officer has been suspended from duty after allegedly having sex in a Catholic church during a service. Regional police spokesman Hans-Peter Kammerer told the German news agency DAPD on Monday that the 26-year-old faces possible disciplinary measures and a criminal complaint for allegedly disturbing religious activities.

He said a visitor discovered the officer with a woman in the church in Rennertshofen, near the Bavarian city of Ingolstadt, during an early-morning service last Thursday.

Shitty Webpage of The Week

Weird News & Links - Demon
Demon Oppression & Possession

Worried you might be possessed by a demon? Perhaps this offensively ugly and amateurish website can help!

Video of The Week


Product of The Week

Weird News & Links - Kenny Rogers
Appearance by Dale Karl, Kenny Rogers Impersonator
No offense to this guy, but I'm fairly sure that most people under the age of 40 wouldn't even give a shit if the REAL Kenny Rogers showed up at their party, let alone an impersonator. But whatever, give him a call for one of your parties if you want to. I'm sure he's a nice enough guy to have a chat with if you're a Kenny Rogers fan (and honestly, who isn't?)

Check out the link (there are some audio clips too).

All Caps Customer Review of The Week

Lil Romeo - Romeoland
Weird News & Links - Lil Romeo Review

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