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 Weird News  
This week: Jesus, child abuse, Quantum Leap & Kidz Bop. I've also featured a great site for anyone looking to purchase ghosthunting supplies. So if anyone out there has got one of the many mental disabilities or conditions which may cause a person to believe that spirits are actually real and is also a fan of exploiting the uneducated, be sure to check that out.
Also, just a quick request here: if anyone reading this happens to be an "actual" ghosthunter (or even believes in ghosthunters) I would ask that you please stop reading this now. You are dumb.

Weird News of The Week

Punch-Up at Florida Wedding
Tasha Johnson and Markeith's fairy tale themed wedding featured a horse and carriage. Tempers flared and some pushing and shoving took place. Some of the wedding guests chose sides and that led to an all out brawl that spilled out into the parking lot. Investigators say nearly 40 people were involved.
According to detectives one of the wedding guests called a relative to come over and get involved in the brawl. Malcolm Hepburn, who wasn't a wedding guest, showed up and started beating up the groom's father in the hotel parking lot according to police.Police say Hepburn threw Andrew Thompson to the ground and kicked him in the face and ribs.
[They then] arrested Hepburn, who they say was armed with a stolen gun, and investigators say they have identified the female accused of attacking the groom's grandmother. If captured she will face criminal charges.

Day Care Provider Allegedly Used Pajama Straightjackets on Kids
According to the criminal complaint, she told officers she would take the child's arms out of the sleeves and then pin the sleeves behind the child's back, creating a straight jacket. Meinhardt also says she would pin the child's pajama legs together at the calves to restrict movement. The zippers on the pajamas were also pinned so the child couldn't get out.

Mienhardt allegedly told officers she used this type of punishment on 20-month-old to 3-year-old children she watched for the past eight years.
Man Accused of Casually Defecating in Pharmacy
According to criminal complaints [the man] entered the CVS pharmacy at 4:17 p.m. Police said he walked to the front area of the store, lifted up his shirt, dropped his pants and defecated on the floor before walking out. When police talked with [him], they said he smelled of alcohol, had unsteady balance and his speech was slurred. He had a blood-alcohol content of .24, three times the state's legal limit.
School Principal Bans Word "Meep"
Principal Thomas Murray of Danvers High said he told students they would be suspended for saying "meep," a favorite utterance of lab assistant Beaker from "The Muppet Show," because students were using it to disrupt school and it was part of a massive disruption being planned by students. Murray did not disclose details of the disruption, but he credited phone calls he made to homes with preventing it from coming to pass. The messages threatened non-compliant students with suspensions.
Drug Suspect Blames Jesus for Drug Parephenalia
Louisville police said officers performing a home check on [the man], who is on home incarceration for a parole violation, discovered a tube of aluminum foil burnt on one end and a teaspoon with burns and possible drug residue. Police said Dunn told them Jesus was attempting to set him up and was the probable owner of the items.

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Low-Budget Webpage of The Week

The Ghosthunter Store
We are the only store that is run by real ghost hunters with over 20 years experience.
We'll sell the items at the lowest prices we can so that you can get this equipment on the limited budget that most groups have and ghost hunters have. We hope to create a one stop shop for ghost hunters and researchers. We are real investigators and real people, not a big store or corporation trying to make a huge profit from you.

I've never had a big problem with the ghosts in my house but I realize some of you probably do. That's why you should probably have a look a this site. It could be a lifesaver. If you don't believe me, just take look at some of the fantastic products they offer:
  • Holy Water ($11.50)
  • Red Lens Filter for Flashlight ($6.00)
  • Single Quartz Rock ($2.50 ea)
  • Small Bag of Cedar Shavings ($1.95)
  • Variety of 5 Inch Smudge Wands (?!) (from $6.50)
  • The audio editing program Audacity, which I assume is for those people who DO NOT WISH TO DOWNLOAD IT ONLINE FOR FREE and instead prefer to pay $9.50 and wait 6-8 weeks for a burned CD-R to arrive.
  • They also sell Geiger Counters ($57) because as any idiot knows, ghosts are radioactive. And anyway these things can be handy to have around. Personally I've always been curious to see how many Geigers certain rooms in my home happened to contain but have had no way to find out. Until now.
What a useful site!

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Product of The Week

Unofficial Quantum Leap handmade Action Figures - $70
Quantum Leap

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