I Certainly Hope Yoplait Responds to The Complaint Letter I Just Sent

Yogurt Bullet
This is the last straw. Last night I couldn't get all of the yogurt I was eating out of the bottom of the container so I reached in with my finger to scoop some out and I cut myself a little bit on the rim. There's only a certain amount of injustice a man (or me) can be subjected to before he snaps. And I've reached that point. By God, I've reached it.

So I'm sending a message to the Fat Cats over at Yoplait corporate expressing my deepest feelings and most intimate of desires with regards to the future of my relationship with their yogurt products. Something has to change. They had better provide adequate explanation about what is being done to address my concerns. If they don't, there is going to be hell to pay.
And just so you're aware, my definition of hell is the three of four people who sometimes casually browse through this site when they're bored or stoned being slightly less likely to purchase a Yoplait product the next time they head out to the store to buy Yogurt. So there.
Anyway here is the complaint I sent in:
I have some pretty serious issues with the containers & you use for your yogurt.

1. All too often a pull tab is not included on the foil lid. This sort of device is of the utmost importance if one wishes to open the container with ease and gain access to the delectable yogurty innards housed within the container (which I most certainly do).

2. The overhanging rim at the top of the container prevents easy access to a small portion of the yogurt I have purchased. To clarify: Yogurt always gets lodged up under the rim and I can't get it out except by swooping around the rim with a spoon (which is not easy) or licking with my tongue (which I would prefer not to do in public). I realize this sort of design is probably integral to keeping the foil lid securely fashioned to the top, but surely there must be some other way...

3. Similar to issue #2, the indented outer rim (and “outdented” inner portion) of the bottom of the inside of the container is also a place where excess yogurt tends to become trapped. There is no fathomable way for me to extricate the substance from this area, as a standard spoon is far too wide to fit in this sort of crevasse. I find this maddening.  

Certainly I could "bend" the container, but this is not an action I undertake lightly, as I fear it may compromise the carefully engineered design of the container, causing it to collapse or shatter into thousands of razor sharp plastic shards, slicing at my eyes and facial area. Obviously this is the type of thing I would prefer to avoid. 

This is an issue affects me very deeply and is close to my heart, so I hope you will treat it with the reverence it deserves.

Thank you.

I look forward to hearing back from them, and will post an update with their response as soon as I get one.
And if I don't...well let's just hope for their sake that I do.